Business Coaching

Out of my love for design and sharing my creative side, I discovered my passion for helping other creatives with their own businesses. I have been a business owner for 6 years and opened two brick-and-mortar stores. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and understand your dream of owning your own shop and being your own boss!  Keep reading below to learn more!

One on One Coaching

Do you wonder what the next step for your business is? Do you wonder what to do with social media?
Are wanting to talk through ideas and dreams you have and get help deciding what to do next? Are you wondering if a Brick and Mortar is for you or maybe Online?

Don’t worry I  have had ALL and even more of those same questions during my business journey and to be perfectly honest I still have questions at times. But, I am here to help you walk through the journey of business and help to talk ideas and problems out with you. I can’t wait to talk you through taking a dream and putting it into goals that have action so you can keep moving forward. In our coaching sessions, I will provide you with honest and clear guidance and give you actionable steps.

Angie helped me launch my new store. She shared her wealth of information on everything from vendors, choosing wholesalers that were a good fit for me and her first-hand knowledge of some of the pitfalls to watch out for … everything in between. She was truly instrumental in helping me get my shop up and running. – Tammy Huls, Flippin Furniture 
Tammy Huls

Flippin Furniture

Angie has been a pleasure to work with.  I work with her on-on-one and in and her Move Makers.  She has pushed me to places I never knew I could go.  I am in the process of rebranding my company, and her help navigating this process has been invaluable.  Angie gives me great ideas to run with and her retail experience really helps when I need to bounce wholesale ideas around with her.  I am thrilled to be working with Angie Bauer and look forward to continuing this friendship and coaching realtionship for many years to come!

Catherine Anderson

Shop cat o'neal

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