Do you walk into your kitchen and staring back at you is a dated backsplash that needs some love?  But, the thought of tearing it off repairing the wall and then applying new tile seems like such a huge job, no worries.


Did you know you can paint it? Any type of tile will work you might have to prep it differently is the only thing.

First, you need to grab TSP-PF, bucket, rubber gloves and a Scotch Brite sponge, paper towels.  Take off all switch covers.  Mix the TSP according to directions put on your gloves and scrub with green side of sponge. I like to work in small area scrubbing in circles. I do this two or three times depending on the amount of grease build up. Wipe it back with clean wet paper towels. If your tiles are not shinny then you are ready for the next step, if you have a shine take a fine grit sandpaper and give it all a light sanding cleaning it off with a damp paper towel.


Next you may want to put painters tape down along where you counter and backsplash meet so you don’t have to worry about getting paint on your counter.


Make sure your tile is dry.

Then, start with priming I use Wall and Wood primmer from Sherwin Williams. I like this better then all purpose primmer, it has a stronger hold. You will use a paintbrush to apply this getting into all the grout lines. Make sure you leave it smooth with out build up.  (If the tile is a dark color and you are going light apply two coats of primer) Allow to dry according to manufacturing directions.


Now it is time to add paint. In this case I used Dover White from Sherwin Williams so it matched the cabinet color.  You can use any color of your choice. I used Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel for the base paint. Apply first coat with paint brush getting into all the grout lines good. You will apply two coats, for the second use a small roller to apply so you have a smooth final coat. Let this dry according to manufacturers directions.

I purchased my stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencil company, they create stencils for walls and floors and you can get different sizes of the same design which is nice.

You will need painter tape or stencil spray adhesive, I prefer tape, I feel the adhesive gets messy and sticky build up. I used a sample pot of paint from Sherwin Williams for color for the stencil. Place tape around all four sides. I start with the stencil bottom edge against the counter edge and do the bottom first. I then move up to the next row and continue till it is all stenciled. You may need to add a third row under the microwave area if the microwave is mounted above the stove. In this area you may need to just hold it in place.

When stenciling make sure you have a paper plate so you can dab off excess paint from the brush before applying the paint to wall.  Use a dabbing or pouncing motion to apply the paint (never go back and forth with the brush as you will get paint the goes under the stencil).  Every time you move your stencil check the back and wipe any excess paint off. Remember, it is best to go light on the paint and add more before moving the stencil.

Messed up don’t worry just apply some paint over it and try again! Let dry really good and remember it takes 30 days for paint to cure so don’t scrub and be gentle during that time.( If you want added protection you can do a coat of Polyacrylic, let the stenciling dry a few days before applying).

 After Before

It’s that easy and makes a huge impact for little cost!


Happy Painting!