Out of my love for design and sharing my creative side, I discovered my passion for helping other creatives with their own businesses. I have been a business owner for 6 years and opened two brick-and-mortar stores. I have same entrepreneurial spirit and understand your dream of owning your own shop and being your own boss!

I would love to help you turn your passion into a successful business and help with your store launch or starting your creative business online. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge to assist you if you’re feeling overwhelmed and need help finding a clear path forward.

I have limited spots open for one-on-one business coaching where I will teach you everything I know about opening and managing a boutique AND give you the encouragement it takes to achieve success in the long run.

No matter where you are in the business process, I can help you develop new skills, form smart business strategies, utilize social media marketing and assist with personal accountability.

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Don't Delay Your Dreams. Don't Go the Wrong Track. Don't Get Stuck. Let Me Help!

Angie helped me launch my new store. She shared her wealth of information on everything from vendors, choosing wholesalers that were a good fit for me and her first-hand knowledge of some of the pitfalls to watch out for … everything in between. She was truly instrumental in helping me get my shop up and running. – Tammy Huls, Flippin Furniture 
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