With Mother’s Day fast approaching it brings so many emotions to many.  Mama’s everywhere are getting ready to go out to brunch with their family and kiddos, open cute gifts that their little ones handmade and hear their family love them and how awesome they are.  That’s great..Right?

Many of you know that I am a mama of 4, three girls and one son.  They range from 21-8 so you can imagine life in our house.  But, do many of you know that 2 are biological and 2 are adopted.  Adoption is a natural word in our house and we don’t often even look or think of the 2 that are adopted as adopted.  Love is not made by DNA.  

So why you ask would Mother’s Day not be a day of huge celebration? Don’t get me wrong it is, however since our little one was adopted at birth my heart has been different during this day.

My heart is so grateful that these two little blessings have been placed in my heart and they get to call me…Mom.

Mother's Day Letter

During this day, my heart thinks and prayers for two birth moms that blessed me with the two of the greatest gifts I could have even been given, the most selfless act.  My heart and prayers go to them as I think about them and what their Mother’s Day is like on this day.  What must their hearts be like today?

You may be asking why is she writing this? She is so blessed with 4 kids.

I am blessed, I am thankful and grateful!

I had a complete hysterectomy at age 21.  That day I was no longer able to make the choice to carry a baby in my womb.  I was no longer able to pass my DNA on to another child.  I was no longer able to feel the feelings of pregnancy (the good and bad).  I was no longer….

This door was closed!

Mother's Day Letter

However, God had it planned for my life! I was able to not look at the “no longer” to “Wow, I get to be a mom because someone chose me to love and be called mom”. I often think someone choice me to love and raise this little human.  As an adopted mom, does it feel different? No, it does not and Yes, it totally does.  The no is because I still have to try and raise this little person to the best human they can be. I still have to hug when they are scared or hurt or just need love. I still have to discipline and teach. I still have to play with and create with. I still have to feed, clothe, and tuck in at night. I still have to read to and listen to. All the same I do and have done with my two older kids.  And at the same time yes, it feels different. My heart carries the love of another women in it along with a child.  My heart carries such a gratitude that I can’t even put into words.  Every day my heart carries a burden to be able to pass on to my girls, what an awesome heart beat they heard for the first 9 months while in the womb. To be a little, oh just a little, selfless and to pass this on to them.  

So, on Mother’s Day stop and be blessed, not busy! Stop and thank God wherever you are!

And be careful…

We need to be careful to those we see that day that we may not know their story.  We may not know how many babies they have lost to miscarriage, even if they have kids by their side.  We may not know that their hearts of not being able to get pregnant.  We may not know that they are struggling today even though they have smile on their face. Be careful not to jump to finish their story in your mind.