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Our homes should be a place of peace and happiness, but it doesn’t always get our attention even with our best intentions. We look at beautifully designed photos in Pinterest, Instagram and magazines and we yearn for something better but we don’t know why we are lacking and unable to accomplish those tasks. Sometimes we feel completely out of control. Sometimes we feel unworthy or jealous.

A beautiful home isn’t about feeling guilty or self-indulgent or vain or trendy. It’s about creating a space where you feel well, relaxed, happy, and, most of all, where you can be YOU.

I created a community for those who want to make their home that beloved oasis … for those learning to appreciate their styles and tastes … for those needing confidence in their decisions and a little design guidance. I want to help you because decorating can be SO MUCH MORE than having the latest decor or doing absent-minded retail therapy.

Decorating is intentional. It’s about knowing who you are, what you like and being who you are made to be.

Let’s decorate your space together. Let’s find your style. Let’s accept your worthiness of living in a beautiful space.

This monthly decorating group is for you if:


  • You want your home to be your oasis and happy place
  • You want to redecorate, but you don’t know where to start
  • You want help and guidance but want to do the job yourself
  • You are easily overwhelmed with decorating
  • You’d like some accountability to finally make these changes around your home
  • You’d like to start tackling your home and clutter one room at a time
  • You’re not sure what design rules are ok to “break” and which ones to “follow”
  • You want your home to be your oasis and happy place
  • You’d love to have styled, decorated and functional furniture, bookshelves and shelves
  • You love many trends and don’t know which to pick or how to blend them
  • You need help deciding what to keep and what to get rid of
  • You want to improve your seasonal decorating
  • Need help deciding what colors to paint your cabinets and furniture
  • You’d love to have styled, decorated and functional furniture, bookshelves and shelves
  • You love watching HGTV and wish you could improve your own space like the pros
  • You want to incorporate fresh styles and new trends into your existing decor
  • You like to get opinions on fabrics, patterns, colors and furniture styles
  • You don’t love your current bedroom, living room, etc.
  • Something is off about your home space and you don’t know what it is
  • You’d love to have a interior design expert help you make decisions

Each Month You’ll Get…

  • Decorating advice, hints and tips
  • Live training videos
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Share shopping places and decor items

Join our amazing community!

This is a great way to save money on decorating, join a community that doesn’t have it all perfect and together.

Some topics we will cover:

  • Picking the right window treatments and how to hang them
  • Styling your master bedroom
  • Add trends to your home without changing all the décor.
  • Choosing and styling rugs in your home
  • Bathroom fun
  • Updating kitchen and fun ideas for kitchen décor
  • Tackling your mantle
  • Front door fun
  • Patio/deck
  • Family rooms/adding pillow and décor
  • Table tops
  • Decorating trays/ tiered trays
  • Decorating with Intention

This is a low-key group learning to decorate our homes in a judgement free space. I hope you will join us.


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