The other day I was going through a McDonalds drive thru to get my favorite unsweet ice tea in the world. I always order an unsweet tea with light ice. It is my polite way of saying please give me tea not just ice.
This was like any other day; however, the lines were unusually long and looked backed up especially for the time of day that it was.
But this girl needed her tea so in I drove.
After a short wait I got up to the screen to order and noticed a car in the other lane. They arrived about the same time as I did and also just pulled up to the screen to order. I could hear a bunch of talking from who ever was taking orders, they were dealing with something in the store and must have forgotten the sound was on.
The car in the other lane must have heard it too and for whatever reason decided to swerve out and pull away without ordering, at the same time the person came on and said I am so sorry can I take your order.
I ordered my tea and sat there waiting to be able to pull forward.

This got me thinking about how we think our lives, our dreams, our jobs, our businesses should be like a fast food drive thru. We should rush in get what we want or do what we need to do, a success, promotion, recognition on social media should be instant.
The car next to me could only see the traffic/wait in front of her. She didn’t know why and she was not willing to stick it out, place her order and see it to the finish.
I can’t name many highly successful people that have not put in years of hard work, had failures, had to pivot to get to that one day or that one thing that changed their life or business. They stuck it out when the drive thru was long even when they couldn’t see why, they dug in and went for it.
Once I went around to the side of the building the backup was in full view. The window where they take the money was not working. They had someone that was working on it and another person that was coming to each car window collecting the money and handing it to the person inside the store and then bring back any needed change and a receipt. Once this process happened it was off to the next window to collect your order and then you were off. It was truly a small hiccup.
How many times do we face adversity and can’t see the whole picture of all the why’s?
It is like this story… you have a choice! You can be like the other car and veer off leaving behind what you really wanted because it looks hard, it is harder then you thought or seems like it is taking to long. Or you can be me and my path and place your order fulling understanding that it is going to take some extra time, extra effort, but it is worth all the extra because that thing means something to you, you are willing to work or do a little bit more to get to it.

Do you have something that you want? Are you willing to dig in and see it through?
Check out this live video of my talking on this very subject.