Do you ever look through magazines, shop on-line or stroll through a store and love all the drapes? But, when you find the ones you like either they are WAY to expensive or they don’t have enough?

I have a perfect DIY and NO SEW solution for you!! That’s right I said NO SEW….

It all started when I wanted something different for my windows in my office and family room. I have extra high ceilings and wanted the drapes to go from ceiling to floor. I searched on line and in the store and could not find what I was looking for at all.

So next option was a DIY project (I am always happy to tackle a DIY project)

I grabbed:
4×12 8oz Painter’s Drop Clothes (one for each window) you can pick the size that works best for your window
Here is a link to find them:

Curtain Rings with clips
Here is a link to find them:

Trim with tassels (I wanted something fun and custom looking)
Here is a link to find them:

Here is a link to find them:

Fabric Tac this magic product makes it no sew if you are to add the trim
Here is a link to purchase:

I had paint around so just used what I had any type will work


Step by step directions:
Lay the drop cloth out on a large enough surface that it is all flat

Place the stencil on top starting in left upper corner

Get your paint and brush ready (remember less is better and the use a “pouncing” up and down motion)

Keep Moving stencil down completing a row and moving down or in a pattern until you have finished

Let paint dry

Pick side you want to place the trim (check out the video below that explains and shows these steps in detail)

Apply Fabric Tac to edge of fabric working in small areas and place the trim over the glue working your way down the edge

Let Fabric Tac according to directions

Put Curtain Rings on the top of material and hand up on curtain rod.

There are so many ways to custom make your own drapes this way.  You don’t even have to stencil or add trim plain drop clothes are amazing as drapes also. Have fun with this project!

It truly is that easy and I spent around $50 total for 4 windows!

Don’t believe me it is that easy? Check out my Video explaining and showing each step for adding the trim!